Press Release on Parliamentary Election 2020 Results

The General Election Commission of Mongolia concluded that the 8th parliamentary – State Great Khural election was held in accordance with the Constitution of Mongolia, the Law on Central Election Authority, the Election Law of the State Great Khural, the Law on Automated Electoral System and other relevant laws.

The official results are as follows: the Mongolian People’s Party (MPP) won the majority or 62 seats out of 76, while the opposition Democratic Party (DP) gained 11 seats and the remaining three seats were taken up by an independent N.Altankhuyag (former Prime Minister and DP leader), T.Dorjkhand, leader of the “Right Person Electorate Coalition” (National Labor Party, Mongolian Social Democratic Party and Justice Party) and S.Ganbaatar, Vice Chairman of the “Our Coalition” (Mongolian Revolutionary People’s Party, Civil Will-Green Party and Mongolian Traditional United Party) respectively.

The 2020 parliamentary election was conducted in a new legal setting with a multi-mandated and enlarged constituency, where 13 parties, 4 coalitions, 121 independents, a total of 606 candidates running.

Out of 2,003,969 eligible voters 1,475,895 or 73.65 percent participated in the election, which marked the largest voter turnout since 2000.

Out of the newly elected MPs, 13 or 17.1 percent of the total seats will be held by female members.

In accordance with the Election Law of the State Great Khural, the General Election Commission will submit the official results of the parliamentary election to the President of Mongolia and the Speaker of the State Great Khural, after issuing temporary validation cards for the newly elected members of the Parliament on 29 June, 2020.