Requirements for temporary admission of motor vehicles into Mongolia

According to national legislation following documents are required for foreign nationals, who are traveling with their vehicle to Mongolia:

  1. Vehicle certificate
  2. Passport of the vehicle owner (notarized authorization letter from the vehicle owner is required if the driver is not the owner of the vehicle)
  3. Original copy if the vehicle has a Carnet document (CPD is an international customs document)
  4. Contact details of the host/inviting entity in Mongolia (contact information if the inviter is an individual)

If the provided documents do not meet the requirements, vehicles are subject to customs clearance and tax deposit according to Mongolian law.

  1. If the vehicle is approved to enter temporarily into Mongolia by the Customs authority, endorsement sheet, sealed with the customs inspection seal, will be issued to the traveler or vehicle owner

Traveler should keep the endorsement sheet in vehicle and return the sheet to the Customs authority when exiting the border.

  1. The Customs authority have a right to take necessary actions if the vehicle temporarily entered into Mongolia is not taken out of the country.