The Embassy of Mongolia in Australia and ANU Mongolian Institute are happy to invite everyone to a very unique performance of the 2015 grand finalists of the “ASIA’S GOT A TALENT” show – The “KHUSUGTUN” ethnic ballad band of Mongolia in Australia.

The “KHUSUGTUN” ethnic band will perform a live concert in Canberra, at ANU Llewellyn hall, on Tuesday the 1st of December 2015; and in Sydney, at the Factory Theatre, on Wednesday the 2nd of December 2015. These concerts are part of the East Asian promotional tour of the band.

The mixture of Mongolia’s nomadic way of living, the animal husbandry and wild, untouched nature creates one of the greatest cultural heritages and valuable folk art, which is to be inherited to many generations of the Mongolians to come. The KHUSUGTUN Ethnic-Ballad Group is proud of Mongolians’ great ancestors, and is keen not only to continue their priceless cultural intangible legacy but also to promote to the world the culture of one of the greatest civilisations in human history – the Mongols.

The KHUSUGTUN Ethnic-Ballad Group pursues a purpose to form its own specific singing called “Khoomei”, which uses the throat singing – a classic form of polyphone style singing in Mongolia’s creative folk art. With this polyphone style, Khusugtun has won the Golden Medal at a cappella category from the DELPHIC III World Art Olympus in the Republic of Korea in 2009, and the runner up in the “Asia got a talent” in 2015.

Although, the throat singing is considered as an ancient art with its roots going to the ancient nomadic tribes of the Central Asia, Altai, Khangai and Sayan mountain range, Mongolians master it best. No surprise, this type of singing was registered as the UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

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Following is the video of the band’s performance.