Q: How do I apply for a visa?

A: Download and fill out an application form, and bring it to the Embassy of Mongolia in Canberra along with your passport and necessary supporting documents.


Q: I live outside of Canberra. Is it possible to apply by post?

A: Yes, it is possible. Send all necessary documents to the Embassy at “23 Culgoa circuit, O’Malley ACT 2606”.


Q: Where do I get the visa application forms? Do I  fill out the visa application form on computer? 

A: All applicants are required to bring the Visa Application Form. You may print out the application form and write by hand. If you do not bring the application form, we will not be able to process the application.


Q: Do I send my passport along with the application form and the supporting documents?

A: Yes, it is necessary. Mongolian visa is a label visa, thus passport must be sent with your application forms and documents.


Q: Do I need to bring a picture?

A: Yes. All applicants must submit one picture. Pictures should be 3 by 4 cm with white background. No glasses or hats on the photo.


Q: My passport will expire soon. Can I still apply for a visa?

A: All applicants must submit a valid passport and your passport must have at least 2 new visa pages. To enter Mongolia, the passport must be valid for six months beyond the intended period of stay in Mongolia. If the passport is valid for less than six months, your application cannot be processed.


Q: How long before my intended travel date should I apply for a visa?

A: We recommend you submit your application 3 months prior to your desired departure date at earliest and 1 week at the latest. This will provide for unexpected surges in the number of applicants or other unplanned delays in the process.

All applicants should be aware that the times given are current averages, and are subject to sharp seasonal fluctuations. Processing wait time DOES NOT include the time required for additional administrative processing or special requirements. In such cases, processing wait time will vary based on the individual circumstances of each application.


Q: Can someone else fill out the visa application forms of my behalf? 

A: If you require assistance completing the application it is acceptable to have someone complete the forms on your behalf. If someone else prepares the application for you remember that you alone are responsible for verifying that the information on your application is accurate. Incorrect information can delay processing and even lead to a refusal.


Q: Does my young child need a visa to travel to the Mongolia? 

A: Yes, every person must have an appropriate visa to enter Mongolia.


Q: I am not an Australian or New Zealand citizen. Can I apply for a visa in Canberra? 

A: Anyone can apply for a visa in Canberra, however the processing time may vary to those of the Australian and New Zealand citizens.


Q: I have an emergency, how can I request an expedited appointment? Who qualifies for an expedited appointment? 

A: As of 1st of January, 2016, all applications are deemed urgent. However, if you provide solid evidence that you have an emergency, you may request expedited service through sending email to canberra@mfa.gov.mn or consul@mongolianembassy.org.au with subject REQUEST EXPEDITED VISA. The final decision shall be made by the Consul.

Please, note that confirmed flight itinerary SHALL NOT become a solid evidence.


Q:  How do you decide whether or not to issue a visa? 

A: Consular Officers make decisions based on the Mongolian laws and regulations.


 Q:  If I am issued a visa, when can I pick it up?

A: Issued visas are generally printed and returned to the applicant within 5 business days. If you are picking up your passport, pick up time is from 2.30-5.30 p.m. weekdays.


Q:  How long can I remain in Mongolia? 

A: It is important to remember that the maximum duration of your stay is specified in the top right hand side of your issued visa.


 Q:  When will my visa expire?

A: The visa expiration date is printed on the visa itself.  It is important to note that visa expiration date is the last date you must enter Mongolia. It SHOULD NOT be confused with the period of time you are allowed to remain Mongolia.  Date of expiry is specified in the top left hand side of your issued visa.


Q:  My visa application was denied.  Can I reapply? 

A: If an applicant’s visa is refused, applicants can reapply when they believe they have the evidence to demonstrate their eligibility for a visa.  There is no waiting period; however, applicants should carefully consider whether their new evidence demonstrates their eligibility for a visa, particularly if the applicant is applying a short time after they were previously refused.  Those persons reapplying will need to submit a new visa application, with any necessary supporting documents, and pay the visa application processing fee.


Q: I am a former Mongolian citizen. Do I need to apply for a visa?  

A: Yes, you must get Mongolian visa to enter Mongolia. Former Mongolian citizens are eligible for 90-day-visa without visa fee. But must pay visa processing fee of $8.


Q: I am a Mongolian but my child is citizen of other country. Does he/ she need visa to enter Mongolia?  

A: Yes, your child must get Mongolian visa to enter Mongolia. Children under 16, whose parents or parent is Mongolian, not national of Mongolia is eligible for 90-day-visa without visa fee. But must pay visa processing fee of $8.


Q: I was issued a visa, but have not traveled?  Can I still go to Mongolia?  

A: It depends on the “Entry before date” of your visa. Therefore, please check the “Entry before date” on your visa.


Q: What should I do if I lost my passport with a valid visa? 

A: You should report the lost passport to your issuing agency and/or police.  After getting a police report, you should immediately notify the Embassy of Mongolia in writing, either by fax or e-mail canberra@mfa.gov.mn or consul@mongolianembassy.org.au with subject “LOST PASSPORT”.  Your lost visa cannot be replaced, so you need to re-apply to get a new visa.